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Best Players In Ashes Of All Time

Ashes players are the individuals that have made an impact on the game and delighted numerous spectators with their incredible skills. Ashes news has always mentioned these legendary players in the ashes of all time.

If you want to understand how they used to play and what was their source of inspiration in all their ups and downs, then this is the right place for you. Listed are some of the eminent cricketers who have devoted their best skills to the pool of ashes. Let’s have a glance:-

  1. Matthew Hayden-

With a sparkling average of 45.65, Matthew Lawrence Hayden totally earned the top positions in many cricketing lists. He was a gem to the country who used to throw wins so smoothly that the opposition always kept avoiding him. His batting style was aggressively left banded, and he acted mainly as an opener to frighten the opposing bowlers. Matthew proved his potential in the golden era of Australia when he majorly contributed to big targets in Test and ODI matches.

Before spreading international supremacy, he used to play for Queensland domestically and then in the state’s Twenty20 too. 

Titles achieved:-

  • Considered one of the best opening batters of all time.
  • As an Australian, I became the record broker of the highest runs taken, which happened in  Zimbabwe’s tour of the 2003 series.
  • Made the Batting Coach for Pakistan in  ICC Men’s T20 World Cup (2021)
  • In his early years of career, he was honoured with the Australian Sports Medal on he date of14th of July 2000.
  • In the Q50 icons of Queensland, he was depicted as the “sports legend”, and many more were added to his list.

The long-lasting career ended in the year 2012 after international retirement in 2009, and so the golden era of Australian cricket too. Currently, he is a respected Australian commentator.

  1. Dennis Lillee-

Dennis Keith Lillee is a former cricket player from Australia who is recognized as the “greatest fast bowler of his generation.”. He was never one of the squad members to feel defeat was inevitable. In the early years of pursuing his passion, he could not give his full best due to significant defects and fractures in his back, and his body was not in full support of him. Even though he had such hardships and sufferings, he still did not leave his dream and worked up thoroughly to put himself on the crease to show his potential. He played his debut match in 1969 for Australia. As a 20 aged veteran, he played pretty impressively. Dennis took a total of 32 wickets in their debut season.


  • When a fan survey was conducted, he was named as one of the best ashes players
  • ICC cricket hall of Fame recognized him in 2009
  • From 1980 to 1981, he smashed 37 wickets and became the World Series Cup’s top bowler for the second year in a row.
  • The best figures in his cricket career were of 39 test wickets at a pace of 22.30.

By the time he was ready to leave his gloves in 1984, he had registered his name on the world record for hitting the most wickets.

  1. Adam Gilchrist:-

Here comes an outrageously skilful batsman who had pulled off several triumphs since the beginning of his entry into the world of cricket. He was a decent gloveman and one of the uncommon batters which were always one boundary strike away from regaining his form. The 2006-2007 Ashes series was a turning point for Adam since his figures were exhilarating for the judges.

In fact, it’s arguable that Gilchrist’s tardy arrival for the Tests was what made Australia get beyond formidable to overwhelming. On his debut, he crushed 81 runs, pouched five captures, made a stumping, and hardly took a breath till his retirement in 2008. Luckily in the year of his retirement, the audience did not get to miss him much since the IPL got introduced in the same year. His smooth performances were astonishing since many players of that era could not adapt to the T20 format while he was one of the rare.


  • Most dismissals in career
  • Highest number of consecutive matches for a particular team
  • Struck a hundred and a duck in a match
  • Became a recipient of Wisden Cricketers of the year in 2002
  • Was the ODI Player of the years 2003 and 2004
  • Targeted as “World’s scariest Batsman”, etc.

He might alter the outcome of a game in sessions since he was a daring player who always countered. His brilliance in the gameplay made him a symbolic heart of the Australian cricket team and, indeed, the most lively character ever seen on the field.

  1. Steve Waugh:-

He is the epitome of evolution. If anyone knows how to accept your own shortcoming and improve it in time, it’s indeed Steve. First getting defeated in Ashes, he emerged as a hero for the game when he assisted in the team gaining a target of 393 runs in the series of 1989. Waugh reduced his risk after being summoned back into the lineup and instead waited for loose balls, which he still harshly punished. His back issues nearly prompted him to stop bowling, but as we all know, his dedication to cricket always overpowered him.

Due to his arrival, the Australian team gets a high power boost, especially in Test matches. There they defined a new way of batting. His captaincy was undoubtedly the urgent need for the team, leading it to win multiple series in sequence. It got crazy when his own brother, namely, Mark Waugh, joined the national team. The fierce brotherhood showed significant changes to the scores of matches.


  • Got the best player title as Allan border medal in 2001
  • Played the highest number of matches
  • Shot mostly a hundred in each innings of a match
  • Selected as captain of the greatest ODI team
  • Won Australian Sports medal, etc

He retired with a good shot against India in 2004. He is a kind of cricketer that persists in the audience’s consciousness even after days of match.

These are the athletes who have accumulated many titles and broken multiple records in their adventurous careers and left a lasting memory in the public minds. Even lifting up their hands from the fields, they can’t move out from the memories of cricket. Being a source of inspiration for the youth, they are excelling in life even after retirement, proving true sportsmanship.

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