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Read This To Know What Round Robin Bet Is?

In sports betting a round-robin is just a smaller parlays series created from a certain larger list of bettings. The name round-robin has come from a round-robin tournament, where every team will play every other team of the group. It is based on the same idea.

In UFA when you choose multiple games for betting, then your sportsbook will offer you the option for creating a series of various smaller parlays that is made up of all your selected games.

If you pick more games, then you can also create a more number of parlay combinations. However, every book may display the option of a round-robin in a little different manner. If you try to pick 3 teams, then the software will automatically create 3 different 2-team parlays.

Let us say if you pick 6 teams, then you may create:

  • 15 number of 2-team parlays
  • 20 number of 3-team parlays
  • 15 number of 4-team parlays
  • 6 number of 5-team parlays

Thus there can be endless combinations of round robins that you can create if you keep on adding teams.

If you are having a very hot week, then a round-robin can be a very good way of maximizing your total profit. If you can hit all of your games, then your profits will be staggering by making an elaborate round-robin wager.

Naturally, there is another flip-side of that coin. In case any of your teams ever falter, then it can muck up all the other bets. It will be hard enough to lose any game, without getting it to poison many other wagers.

But if you are quite serious about your sports betting, then perhaps this is not the route that you would like to take too often. It is a little speculative type of betting where a lot of things must go right and also the juice is quite a lot more as compared to what you were making through straight bets against-the-spread.

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