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The Winner Effect: How Success Affects Brain Chemistry

When it comes to evolution, the phrase ‘survival for the fittest’ will emerge more often than not. And what this phrase basically means is that, to survive, you have to adapt to both your environment and situation to remain standing. Otherwise, you perish. From all these, you then have no choice but to become the winner in every instance to survive. But why do you survive after winning? What does this victory do to your brain that you get the confidence to keep going? Well, here is a piece to address just that.

What is the winner effect?

The ‘winner effect’ is a biological term used to describe the feeling an animal gets after they have won a few fights against the opponents that have challenged them. The same sentiment is felt and experienced by humans on a larger scale than just a physical battle. Any area that a person gets to beat another in, including educationally, recreationally of physically presents the perfect scenario to the winner effect.

What does the Winner Effect result?

Once you excel at something and you are termed the best, the chemistry of your brain is altered, making you more focused, confident, smarter, and even more aggressive. These results make you very determined to uphold your position and also do better when presented with a similar challenge. That is why you will find an individual ready to face a new game they played on https://thailandonlinecasino.com/ after they have won one already.

Are the results always positive?

Winning is, by nature, addictive. And sometimes, this is not a good thing as you become irrational and do not consider things. If a person has won twice before, and the third time presents itself, they will not even think twice about taking part. The factors might have changed, the players might be smarter, but because of the addiction, they won’t access the situation accordingly. And this might lead to a loss.

How can we use this effect to our advantage?

Winning in most of your endeavors imprints a mask of incredible pride to the subject, animal, or human. And for that reason, it can quickly get out of hand in life or death kind of situation. For instance, for a hunter who once fought a bear and managed to kill it, the winner effect would inevitably make an impact. And if this same hunter exposes himself to face yet another bear, not accessing that the result might be different, is a likelihood. First of all, the first time might have been luck. Secondly, the secondary bear might be stronger, and thirdly, it isn’t brilliant to do so. But since they believe they are superior, they think history will repeat itself.

Such scenarios can, however, be avoided if they come around the second time. Regardless of the ‘bear,’ you face first access the situation by looking at the consequences of either action. Have in mind what might happen if you run, fight, or freeze. And from that assessment, chose the best-case scenario.

The winner effect is a good thing, but as seen, it could work against you. Regardless, be smart about it.

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