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When to start playing poker at a higher level

So when should you start playing poker online Indonesia at a higher level? The main mistake that most poker players make is to be ahead of themselves. They go to 1$ – 2$ no-limit level and then spring up to the 2$ -5$ no limit level.

The thing is that anyone is allowed to go on a heater. There are times when you can win. The major factor in poker is luck in the short term. In the long term, luck no longer counts, and only players who are skilled win.  If you plan to take you game to another level that is higher limits; then you need to check out the following to know if you are ready to move to the next level of the poker game:

You have shown great results for over 500 hours

If you had a great weekend at the tables, that is okay. But having one great weekend doesn’t prove anything. It might be that you were just lucky. Or those you were playing against were having a bad day, and thus, anyone playing against them could have won anyway. Having a few wins on poker tables doesn’t prove anything. To prove that you are skilled, you need to have played poker for over 500 hours successfully on cash games or performed excellently on 25 to 30 tournaments.

It is not only about breaking even or just having to win over 500 hours. To prove that you are now ready to go to a higher level, you must have impressive results.  If you are a player who likes tournaments, are you consistent, or did you get one big score; 1 in 3 or 2) cashing?

If you are basing your results on just a single big win, then it is not time for you to make that big jump.  It might have just been luck. If you happen to be consistent in cash, it might be time to start playing high limits. The cash game players have to show winnings consistently and not just one or two wins. It has to be 500 hours or for the tournaments, 60 to 70 sessions.

What happens when you make your jump too soon?

Ego has been known to be a bankroll killer when it comes to poker. Some players became full of themselves after having a few wins, thinking that they are invincible and jump on games they cannot beat. With ego, you will destroy your bankroll.

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